A Pick-the-Plot Podcast Experience

This spectacular series of escapades includes all the elements of an epic fantasy adventure story…bravery, dramatic heroics, wicked villains, a land of elves, classic good vs. evil, extraordinary creatures…all with plot twists determined by YOU, the Listener. Each week, Listeners are given choices for how the characters will proceed. After votes are tallied, our writers move the action forward until the next impasse. Determine the fate of our main characters Cullen, Cordelia, Thea and Devlin as they discover and navigate portals, mystical worlds, Elven magic and transformational decisions.

Updated Map of Toblanhawke
Royal Family of the Nitrarian Region
Cordelia’s Coded Message from Episode 9 – See if you can crack it!

The Elves

Elven workmanship

Click here to learn about the everyday lives of the magnificent, magical Elves who inhabit the land of Toblanhawke. (link under construction)

The Creatures

A Juvenile Thunderbird

Click here to for a glimpse at some of the wild and wonderful creatures of Toblanhawke. (link under construction)


“A wonderful adventure to be taken…”

~Shelby H., Colorado

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