The Shamrock Shake-Worthy

While I most certainly will never proclaim to be the most healthy eater you’ve ever met, there actually are some standards I do like to maintain. I love to eat whole foods and I love to cook from scratch. While I have been known to eat chocolate chip cookies and leftover pizza for breakfast (on more occasion than one), I have also countered that with broccoli quiche and oatmeal with blueberries and cream. Two superfoods in one meal, I’d like to point out (broccoli and blueberries).

I also like to think of myself as a person who “gets along with others,” in most cases, although on occasion, I have admittedly crossed paths with a certain number of (up to this point) folks who had yet to be assigned a category in my mind. Irritating, perhaps. Obnoxious. Self-absorbed. Certainly those could be category titles, but until now, there has never been an all-encompassing adjective that was quite fitting enough.

And so I’ll take a brief moment to thank McDonald’s for providing me with a list of 54 ingredients (complete with nitrous oxide and other additives that the World Health Organization has warned to be carcinogenic) that provides not only a standard that I hold for my personal well being, but also a new title to the select few people I hope to never run across again in my life. The Shamrock Shake-Worthy. Who else but your arch-enemies would you actually feed this to?

click here to view an image of the ever-popular Shamrock Shake…and all its ingredients

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