Miss Katie’s Diner

Miss Katie's Diner - MilwaukeeIf every Saturday morning could start off on the corner of West Clybourn and 19th, life would be even more fantastic  than it already is. Since 1985, Miss Katie’s Diner has been serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails to downtown Milwaukee, and it’s quite easy to see why they are so popular.

My server was Rhonda, who has been working at Miss Katie’s on and off since it opened, and she was fantastic. For me, food is only one component of a restaurant meal. And it’s important, clearly. But the service, the people, the atmosphere…those things transform a “restaurant meal” into an unforgettable experience. Without those things, you just have good food. And I can do that myself at home.

Rhonda told tales of Miss Katie’s when Rachel Ray stopped by for a Wisconsin Omelet (and featured it on the Food Network), when presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton dropped in for breakfast, and then recalled that President Bill Clinton had brought the German Chancellor in for lunch back in the 90’s. Former First Lady Michelle Obama has enjoyed lunch at Miss Katie’s. Commercials have been filmed at the diner tables and booths. The cast of Happy Days came in for a meal when they were dedicating the Bronze Fonz statue in Milwaukee.

Rhonda’s favorite celebrity story to share, however, is the time that an unexpected visitor made an appearance…she was hostessing on a particularly busy Sunday morning when a car pulled up. The men inside were hoping for a bit of preferential treatment with the long wait list, and offered up a look at their cargo if they could jump to the front of the line. Long story short: Rhonda agreed, the white gloves came out, and into Miss Katie’s Diner came the World Series Trophy for all customers to catch a glimpse of during their meal that day.

I also met Jen, another server working this morning. She was happily humming “Dancing Queen” as she cleared tables, which is an obvious conversation starter (in my book). We had a long conversation about running marathons, interval training, and motivating playlists. Jen is new to Milwaukee, having moved here from Chicago last year, and she loves it here. “The people are kind, the city has so much life, and I have made so many new friends!” Jen told me with enthusiasm. Everyone I encountered at Miss Katie’s Diner was filled with the same positive vibe. And the world needs more of that.

IMG_5083The food? Yes, it was great. I am sorry to report that I ordered the same breakfast I get wherever I go…two poached eggs, toast, shredded hash browns. Even though I order it at every breakfast spot in the nation, I can assure you, it is not all created equally. Miss Katie’s was done to perfection, and it was delivered approximately 4 minutes after I ordered it.

click here to watch a quick video on making amazing poached eggs (includes printable instructions)

Five stars, Miss Katie’s! Loved my morning there…looking forward to my next visit. (If you stop in, be sure to ask who the restaurant is named for. It will give you ideas for another dining experience…)

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