A Little Taste

Salmon River, Idaho

coming soon: Shake the Universe, a novel

Salmon River, Idaho II

“Something about a guy who could twist railroad spikes and catch rattlers made me a little bit nervous, but only just a little bit. Mostly I was excited to have a new friend, someone who didn’t already know my life story, someone who didn’t just sit around doing the same old thing, and, best of all, someone else to go fishing with.”                           – from The Colors of Beech Hill

Salmon River, Idaho III

Tax Time

-from The Curse in My Purse

Hillary Danaher


Hillary Danaher was nominated for the Michigan Notable Book Award as well as being a finalist for the Principal’s Choice Award.  She is a member of the Wisconsin Writer’s Association and she is working on her new novel, Shake the UniverseClick here to read more.