Mom Danaher’s Deviled Eggs

Mom Danaher's Deviled EggsSo when I asked for the recipe, my mother-in-law laughed out loud. “Recipe?” she asked, then laughed again before she realized I was serious. It took some deep thought and a couple of weeks, but she did write it out perfectly for us. You’ll have to work out the measurements, though…Ingredients are listed in red so you can pick them out.

Start with a half dozen eggs and hard boil them. Remember the eggs will be cut in half, so you’ll have double the number. So hard boil the eggs – cool to set – slice in half. Set the whites aside and start making the stuffing.

Mash the yolks with a fork in a bowl and add mayo or salad dressing, a dash of hot sauce, pickle juice, salt/pepper, horseradish mustard.

Mix them together, being careful not to add too much liquid or they’ll be runny. Add any other tasty stuff you like. Don’t overdo it. Fill the egg whites, then top with any of these ideas – olive bitstomato bitsthin pickle slices – anything else you might like. Sprinkle paprika lightly on the top.

Other things you can add to the mixture – salsa, curry, tuna…It’s a knock yourself out – but my advice – start with the traditional seasoning and go from there.