Goodfellas Pizzeria

Two of our Critics are spending the weekend out on assignment, and I can attest to the fact that they are hard at work in their quest to find perfect spots to review. Over the course of the weekend I’ve received updates, everything from bar food while golfing off rooftops to old style pubs and sandwich spots with “almost” the right bread.

This afternoon, however, gold was struck in Mainstrasse Village in Covington, Kentucky at a little spot called Goodfellas Pizzeria. The crew on assignment was undoubtedly drawn in with the price on the lunch special: New York style slices, breadsticks, and drink of your choice: 6 bucks. In fact, that was the message I got. The picture below with the caption “ALL THIS FOR $6. WE’RE STAYING ALL AFTERNOON.”


The lunch offer was for any slice on the rack…so those were just made and not your personal choice. But the options were fantastic. One Critic chose a sausage with jalapeno and a pepperoni with both red peppers and banana peppers. The sauce was light and tangy. Crust, thin but not too crispy and not too doughy. Veggies were fresh and delicious. Two different sauces selected for the breadsticks (opposing opinions at the table), marinara and alfredo. Other selections included garlic butter, ranch, and two or three more.

The best offer of the day on a warm but not hot Saturday afternoon was the PBR to drink. “Stunned by the opportunity,” says our Critic, ” I hesitated in my choice, thinking this must be a hoax or that I was on camera…I eventually chose a PBR.”

The featured video is The Boss at Goodfellas, and he has clearly been practicing.  What a show! The dough I make here in the Scullery might not even be capable of holding together for all that craftiness. One of the Critics ordered 2 slices for lunch, but the owner intervened and threw in a third at no charge, simply because one of the pieces had been there a while.

Goodfellas has a bourbon bar with over 500 types of bourbon (it is Kentucky after all) located upstairs, and in true Prohibition Era style, there is a back patio that’s slightly tricky to locate. You can only access it through a small side door or a narrow alley between the buildings. Called the Wiseguy Lounge, it is advertised as having the “ambiance of the 1920’s with a modern twist.” Low lights, bartenders dressed to the nines, and any cocktail you can dream up…no password required.

The Critics in the field say “cool place.” The fact that they took the time to send the info back to the office says to me “Top Notch and worth sharing.” Great find, Scouts!!

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